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Amity University Distance Education
Amity University Distance Education

Batch: July 2023-24 Admission Open


Distance University (Online Study & Exams)

Amity University Distance Education

Time & Location

Batch: July 2023-24 Admission Open

Distance University (Online Study & Exams)

About the University

Amity University Distance Education

Amity University Distance Education is a pioneering platform that brings world-class education to your doorstep. Established under the esteemed banner of Amity University, it offers a wide range of undergraduate and postgraduate programs through the distance learning mode. With a commitment to excellence, flexibility, and accessibility, Amity Distance Education aims to empower learners with quality education that fits their busy schedules and diverse aspirations.

Why Choose Amity University Distance Education

Quality Education: Amity is renowned for its academic excellence, and the distance education program maintains the same high standards.

Flexibility: Our programs are designed to accommodate your work, family, and personal commitments, allowing you to balance life and learning effectively.

Industry-Relevant Curriculum: Our curriculum is aligned with industry demands, ensuring that you acquire relevant and up-to-date knowledge and skills.

Experienced Faculty: Learn from experienced educators, industry experts, and professionals who provide practical insights and guidance.

Innovative Learning Tools: Access our cutting-edge online learning platform, enabling interactive and engaging learning experiences.

Recognition and Accreditation

Amity University is recognized by the University Grants Commission (UGC) and accredited by reputable bodies. Our distance education programs hold equal value as our regular courses and are widely accepted by employers and institutions alike.

Important Links:

Amity University Distance Education Home :

Programs Offered :

Admission Information :

Student Support Services

Contact Us :  Admissions Helpline: 1800 102 3434, Email (Admissions):

Admission Process:

Application: Submit your application online, providing accurate personal and educational details.

Document Submission: Upload the required documents, including academic certificates and identification proof.

Application Review: Our admissions team will review your application and documents.

Payment: Upon acceptance, pay the prescribed fees through secure online channels.

Confirmation: You will receive confirmation of enrollment along with study materials and login credentials.

Examination Process

Examinations are conducted at designated examination centres or online, depending on the program. Detailed instructions, dates, and venues are communicated in advance. The evaluation is fair and transparent, and results are communicated promptly.

FAQs about Amity University Distance Education

Are the distance education programs at Amity University recognized?

Yes, all programs are recognized by UGC and are of high quality.

Can I pursue a postgraduate program after completing a distance education undergraduate degree?

Absolutely, Amity offers a variety of postgraduate programs for further education.

How often are exams conducted?

Exams are usually held biannually, but the frequency may vary by program.

What is the mode of study material delivery?

Study materials are provided both online and through printed resources.

Is financial aid available for distance education students?

Scholarships and financial aid options are available; check the website for details.

How can I interact with faculty for doubts and guidance?

Faculty interaction occurs through online platforms, emails, and webinars.

Are there any on-campus requirements?

Some programs might require occasional on-campus workshops, depending on the curriculum.

Is the online learning platform accessible on mobile devices?

Yes, the platform is optimized for mobile access.

Can I transfer from regular mode to distance mode or vice versa?

Transfers are subject to university policies and program compatibility.

What is the duration of the programs?

Program durations vary; refer to the specific program details for accurate information.

Are placement assistance provided for distance education students?

Yes, placement assistance is available for distance education students as well.

How do I pay the course fees?

Course fees can be paid online through secure payment gateways.

Are there any age restrictions for admission?

No, there are no age restrictions; anyone meeting the eligibility criteria can apply.

Can I pursue multiple programs simultaneously?

It is generally advisable to focus on one program at a time due to the workload.

Is there a refund policy for course fees?

Yes, there is a refund policy; details can be found on the website.

Are there any research opportunities for distance education students?

Research opportunities might be limited, but it depends on the program.

Can international students apply for distance education programs?

Yes, international students can apply; check the website for specific details.

Is the study material available in regional languages?

English is the primary language of instruction and study materials.

What is the process if I miss an exam?

Re-examination options are usually available with additional fees.

How do I access the online library resources?

The university provides access to online libraries for enrolled students.

Is there a dress code for on-campus workshops?

Dress codes, if any, will be communicated beforehand.

Do I need to have a computer for online learning?

While a computer is recommended, you can access the platform from various devices.

What is the grading system used?

The university typically uses a grading system, details of which are available in the program guidelines.

Can I change my specialization during the program?

Changing specializations might have certain limitations; consult the academic advisors.

How do I request a transcript?

Transcript requests can usually be made through the student portal.

Is there an alumni network for distance education students?

Yes, Amity has an active alumni network that all students can join.

What is the process for re-evaluation of exam papers?

Re-evaluation procedures are available on the website.

Can I migrate to regular on-campus studies later?

Migration is generally possible, but requirements must be met.

How do I get updates about upcoming events?

The university website and communication channels provide event updates.

Is there a grievance redressal mechanism?

Yes, the university has a grievance redressal system for student concerns.

Available Courses

  • BBA

    The Bachelor of Business Administration (BBA) program is a professional degree that is intended for individuals who have an analytical and computational mindset. The most important topics are organizational behavior, HR management, data analytics, business economics, and more. There is a wide variety of opportunities for those who complete this course, and it is highly recommended for those who wish to enter the business world as corporate managers after graduation.

    +₹425.00 service fee
  • Bachelor of Arts (B.A)

    Elective Courses in BA: Hindi English Political Science Economics Sociology Mathematics

    • ₹15,000.00
      +₹375.00 service fee
    • ₹15,000.00
      +₹375.00 service fee
    • ₹15,000.00
      +₹375.00 service fee
  • Bachelor of Commerce (B.Com)

    The subjects included in a Bachelor of Commerce degree program are in high demand by financial institutions, banks, and businesses of all kinds. Students who graduate with a Bachelor of Commerce degree have a better chance of finding satisfactory employment.

    +₹325.00 service fee



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