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Himalayan University Distance Education
Himalayan University Distance Education

Batch: July 2023-24 Admission Open


Distance University (Online Study & Exams)

Himalayan University Distance Education

Time & Location

Batch: July 2023-24 Admission Open

Distance University (Online Study & Exams)

About the University

Himalayan University Distance Education

Himalayan University Distance Education is a distinguished institution dedicated to providing accessible and flexible learning opportunities for individuals seeking quality education. With a solid commitment to academic excellence, the university offers a diverse range of distance education programs designed to empower learners from various backgrounds to achieve their educational and career goals. Through innovative pedagogy and modern technology, Himalayan University Distance Education aims to bridge the gap between traditional and online learning, ensuring a seamless educational journey.

Why Choose Himalayan University Distance Education

1. Flexible Learning: Our programs are designed to accommodate the busy schedules of working professionals, allowing them to balance education with other commitments.

2. Wide Range of Programs: We offer a comprehensive selection of courses across multiple disciplines, catering to various interests and career aspirations.

3. Quality Faculty: Our experienced and dedicated faculty members ensure that students receive a high standard of education and guidance.

4. Affordable Education: Himalayan University Distance Education provides cost-effective options, making quality education accessible to a broader audience.

5. Modern Learning Tools: Leveraging advanced technology, we provide an interactive and engaging online learning experience.

Recognition and Accreditation

Himalayan University Distance Education is duly recognized by the Distance Education Council and operates in compliance with its guidelines. The degrees and diplomas awarded by the university hold value and recognition in the professional and academic spheres.

Important Links

- [Official Website](

- [Courses Offered](

- [Admission Process](

- [Examination Guidelines](

- [Contact Information](

- [Student Login](

Admission Process

1. Application Submission: Prospective students can submit their applications online through the official website.

2. Document Verification: Necessary documents, including academic records and identification proof, are verified during the admission process.

3. Admission Confirmation: Eligible candidates receive an admission confirmation along with payment instructions.

4. Fee Payment: Admission fees can be paid through the provided online payment options.

5. Access to Learning Resources: Upon enrollment, students gain access to the learning portal and course materials.

Examination Process

1. Examination Schedule: The university communicates examination schedules well in advance to facilitate preparation.

2. Online/Offline Exams: Examinations can be taken online or at designated examination centers, depending on the program.

3. Evaluation: Answer scripts are evaluated, and results are announced within a stipulated timeframe.

4. Grading System: Students receive grades and transcripts reflecting their performance in the examinations.

**FAQs about Himalayan University Distance Education:**

1. Is Himalayan University Distance Education recognised?

- Yes, our distance education programs are recognized by the Distance Education Council.

2. What programs are offered by Himalayan University Distance Education?

- We offer a diverse range of undergraduate, postgraduate, diploma, and certificate programs.

3. Can I work while studying through Himalayan University Distance Education?

- Absolutely, our flexible learning approach allows you to balance work and education effectively.

4. How do I apply for admission?

- You can apply online by filling out the application form on our official website.

5. What are the eligibility criteria for admission?

- Eligibility criteria vary depending on the program. Details are available on the respective program page.

6. Are entrance exams required for admission?

- Entrance exams may be necessary for certain programs. Check the program details for specific requirements.

7. Are study materials provided?

- Yes, course materials are accessible through our online learning portal.

8. How are online classes conducted?

- Online classes are conducted via interactive platforms that allow real-time engagement with faculty and peers.

9. How are assessments conducted for online courses?

- Assessments include assignments, quizzes, and online examinations.

10. Can I transfer credits from other institutions?

- Credit transfer policies vary. Contact our support for guidance.

11. Is there academic support for doubt resolution?

- Yes, faculty members are available to address any doubts or questions you may have.

12. What is the fee structure for courses?

- Fee details are provided on the official website under each program's page.

13. Are scholarships available?

- Scholarships may be available for eligible candidates. Check the website for scholarship information.

14. How can I access my examination schedule?

- Examination schedules are typically available on our website and learning portal.

15. What if I miss an exam?

- Re-examination options are available. Refer to our guidelines for more details.

16. Are practical sessions required for all programs?

- Practical sessions may be mandatory for certain programs. Refer to the program details for specifics.

17. How are practical sessions conducted for online learners?

- Practical sessions might occur at designated centers or through virtual labs, depending on the program.

18. Is there a minimum attendance requirement?

- Attendance criteria, if applicable, vary based on the program. Check program guidelines.

19. Can I change my specialisation after admission?

- Specialization changes may be possible in certain cases. Reach out to our support team for assistance.

20. How can I obtain my degree certificate after completion?

- Degree certificates are typically sent to your registered address after successful completion.

21. Is there an option to extend the course duration?

- Course extension policies vary. Refer to our guidelines for extension options.

22. What is the process for re-evaluation of exam papers?

- Re-evaluation processes, if available, are detailed in the examination guidelines.

23. How can I access online library resources?

- Our online library resources can be accessed through the learning portal.

24. What are the technical requirements for online learning?

- Technical requirements, such as a stable internet connection and compatible devices, are outlined on our website.

25. Can I interact with fellow students online?

- Yes, we provide discussion forums and virtual networking opportunities for students.

26. Are there any alumni benefits?

- Alumni may have access to networking events and continued learning opportunities.

27. What support is available for disabled students?

- We strive to provide an inclusive learning environment. Contact our support for assistance.

28. Can I opt for a single course rather than a full program?

- Yes, some courses can be taken individually. Check the course offerings for details.

29. Is there a refund policy for admission fees?

- Refund policies are in place and can vary. Refer to our admission guidelines for specifics.

30. Are there opportunities for practical training and internships?

- Some programs offer practical training components. Refer to the program details for information.

Please note that these FAQs are provided as a sample and may need to be customized to fit the specific policies and offerings of Himalayan University Distance Education. Always refer to the university's official website and communication for accurate and up-to-date information.

Available Courses

  • BBA

    The Bachelor of Business Administration (BBA) program is a professional degree that is intended for individuals who have an analytical and computational mindset. The most important topics are organizational behavior, HR management, data analytics, business economics, and more. There is a wide variety of opportunities for those who complete this course, and it is highly recommended for those who wish to enter the business world as corporate managers after graduation.

    +₹425.00 service fee
  • Bachelor of Arts (B.A)

    Elective Courses in BA: Hindi English Political Science Economics Sociology Mathematics

    • ₹15,000.00
      +₹375.00 service fee
    • ₹15,000.00
      +₹375.00 service fee
    • ₹15,000.00
      +₹375.00 service fee
  • Bachelor of Commerce (B.Com)

    The subjects included in a Bachelor of Commerce degree program are in high demand by financial institutions, banks, and businesses of all kinds. Students who graduate with a Bachelor of Commerce degree have a better chance of finding satisfactory employment.

    +₹325.00 service fee



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